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Industrial Design

Search & Registration:  At KashishIPR, we help our clients determine the viability and availability of their proposed industrial designs for use and registration. Our Industrial Design Services includes the

  • 1.  search for shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by any industrial process along with thorough legal opinion and advice.
  • 2.  absolute (worldwide) novelty for registration of designs.
  • 3.  search according to the Locarno Classification.
  • 4.  possible restoration of lapsed designs.
  • 5.  possible inspection of registered designs immediately after registration.

Renewals:  We assist clients in securing their IP Rights for long term by filing timely Renewal requests for their Industrial Designs.


Recordal of Changes:  Over a period of time, there may be changes that may take place in respect to ownership or transfer of rights to industrial design by way of assignment, merger or licensing. In addition, there may be a change in details of the IP owners i.e. either change of name or address. Hence, the IP owners and their representatives may be required to perform IP recordals as stand-alone tasks to record such changes.


We help our clients have a smooth sail through above-mentioned changes by providing assistance at all possible stages to successfully record the changes of name and address, assignment, merger and licensing of their Registered and/or Pending Industrial Design.

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