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About Us

Kashish Indian Sub Continent IPR Management Limited, a subsidiary of KASHISH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GROUP (KIPG), is a dedicated help desk to provide proficient and cost effective IP Portfolio Management Services in the Region of Indian Sub – Continent.


Established in 2006, KASHISH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GROUP (KIPG) is a boutique Intellectual Property firm with its Head Office in Mauritius.


For almost a decade now, Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) has been unceasingly assisting clients in protection; management and enforcement of their IP Rights, helping them secure their business interests globally.


With the team of experienced IP experts, KashishIPR has been efficiently and efficaciously rendering its services in one of the most difficult and toughest IP Right protection Regions i.e. the Indian Sub – Continent.


Our clients enjoy seamless service and an ever expanding presence through us in the Region.


At KashishIPR, we strive to provide client - tailored solutions and strategies whilst delivering value and excellence and in every aspect of our service. We offer a full range of IP services related to patents, trade marks, designs, IP litigation and commercialization.


Our motto is to render efficient and pragmatic legal advice befitting the needs of our clients, helping us safeguard their legal and business interests.

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